**Note: I know that there are less games than before, this is because i have taken off the ones that will not load on a school computer, i have figured out the problem, and i will have more games up each day, so please recommend games.**
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Welcome To Grey's Games

Hello, and welcome to Grey's Games. Where you can

play games at home, at school, or where ever you are. If
you do not see a game that you would like to see, then
please go to the comments page, and post a
recommendation. I will try to have it up as soon as

*Click the games page to go to the list of top games, the one on this list do load on a school computer and are not blocked.**

*If you are on a slow computer, then it may take certain games longer to load!*

*I add things everyday, so be sure to checkback!*

NEWS: Iwill be creating a movie site, and/or music site that is expected to launch before summer!

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